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File your client’s 2290 forms, send them a copy of Schedule 1 directly, manage multiple clients at once, make amends on previously filed 2290 reports, correct VINs with free VIN Corrections, get 24/7 assistance and much more with EZ2290.

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Get the right tools to file your clients’ 2290 forms efficiently and accurately. Our user-friendly platform is designed for the tax professionals and offers a variety of useful features.

Bulk Upload Data

Import large amounts of data at once with our bulk upload feature and save your time and ensure accuracy throughout the process.

Internal Checks

Our validation checks reduce the likelihood of errors and inconsistencies before submitting the form, ensuring a smooth process and minimizing delays and rejections.

Claim Tax Return

You can file a Form 8849 refund for Excise Taxes paid for vehicles that were sold, destroyed, stolen, or even claim credit for low mileage vehicles

Track your 2290 Filings

Check the status of your 2290 filings in real-time and manage them easily. We also offer a free re-file for all rejected Form 2290 returns.

Free VIN corrections

File your Form 2290 accurately, reducing rejections and the need for re-submissions, ultimately streamlining the filing process and saving time and resources

Compliance Assistance

If any return gets rejected, EZ2290 provides free HVUT compliance assistance to help you get things right and re-file the rejected forms for free.

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With EZ2290 smart features and live truck tax assistance, you can e-File your Form 2290 returns in just a few minutes. Visit the EZ2290 login/register page to get started with your Form 2290 filing process. 

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Our platform employs bank-grade security measures, utilizing 256-bit encryption to safeguard your valuable information. Rest assured when we say that your privacy and data protection are our utmost priorities!
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