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eFile Form 2290 securely through our advanced end-to-end encrypted eFiling platform.

online tax return heavy trucks
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EZ2290 is designed to suit the compliance needs of different kinds of trucking businesses.

online tax return heavy trucks
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online tax return heavy trucks
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How to file your HVUT IRS Form 2290 Online

IRS Form 2290 online submission is very easy process with ez2290,
eFile 2290 now and get your schedule 1 within minutes.

eFile IRS Form 2290
with EZ2290 in


Supported HVUT Forms

Complete HVUT Compliance For Your Trucking Business.

2290 eFiles Made Easy With EZ2290’s Smart Features.

Get Schedule 1 Instantly

Submit your 2290 returns to the IRS successfully and receive the IRS-stamped Schedule 1 within minutes after submission.

FREE VIN Corrections

IRS rejected your returns citing incorrect VINs? No problem. Correct your VINs by eFiling 2290 VIN Corrections at no additional cost with EZ2290.

Penalty Prevention

Our user guides, personalized eFiling services, TIN Lookup, and 2290 amendments help you from being penalized by the IRS.

Bank-Grade Security

EZ2290 is secured with a 256-bit advanced encryption standard, making it the safest platform for transmitting your returns to the IRS securely.

Automatic Tax Calculations

Our smart tax calculator automatically calculates the total tax you owe when you populate the form with the necessary information.

Bulk Uploads

eFile for multiple vehicles at once with bulk uploads. EZ2290 automatically populates the data across the forms appropriately.

Best 2290 eFiling Solution

Convenient eFiles for businesses

on the go

With our smart features and live tax assistance, you can eFile your 2290 returns in just a few minutes.

Do it yourself

eFile 2290 securely with minimal effort reliable & safe eFiling process

Do It Yourself eFiling program is for filers who have a few number of 2290 forms to eFile.

  • Automatic tax calculations
  • Free re-files for rejected returns.
  • Automatic form population
  • Free VIN corrections
  • Bulk data imports.
  • 24x7 tax support

Premium eFiling Program

Outsource your 2290 eFiles convenient, secure, and reliable

Our expert tax team will coordinate with your accounting team or representatives to eFile 2290 forms on your behalf.

  • eFile assistance from qualified tax professionals.
  • eFile 2290 for all your heavy vehicles at once.
  • Free HVUT compliance assistance for rejected returns.

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