Our Complete Set Of Features
For EZ2290 Users

Our combined experience of over 10 years in eFiling ensures that
you get the expertise you need.

EZ2290.com is a first-of-its kind HVUT (Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax) full service eFile provider that offers live phone and chat support. When you choose to complete the filing yourself, you have the backing of our support team to help you use our platform. When you choose our full service option, you get access to our advanced, compliance-trained staff.


We keep you out of danger with real-time TIN matching. When you request a TIN match, we check your information against IRS records. If something doesn’t match, we’ll let you know, and you can fix the error before the IRS catches it.

Bank-grade security

We provide 256-bit, bank-grade security for your valuable information. Your privacy and protection is one of our top concerns.

Phone & chat support

We offer phone and live chat support to our users. We’re happy to answer your questions.

Automatic tax calculations

We prepare your tax liability and credit information, and calculate your taxes for you.

Bulk upload feature

We allow bulk uploads of information into our system. This is helpful for our users with more than one company or truck to eFile. This feature is especially useful to our accountant, tax practitioner, and fleet owner users.

Mobile-capable eFiling

Our platform is designed to accommodate users on a variety of devices. Whether you’re filing on your phone, your tablet, or a laptop, our site will be responsive to you.

Paperless storage

We hold on to your information for you. We save your form in our system, so that you can access it anytime, from anywhere. We also save your information, so that your year-to-year filing process is simplified. Simply update your information, and you’ll be ready to submit for the current tax year.

Free VIN corrections

We offer VIN corrections to help you provide the IRS with accurate information. This is a free feature we offer to all EZ2290 users.

Free re-file for rejected returns

We also offer free re-files, if your forms are rejected. Go back into our system, and update your information.

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