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File your IRS form 2290 with EZ2290 and get your stamped Schedule-1 instantly.

Free VIN corrections

We offer VIN corrections to help you provide the IRS with accurate information. This is a free feature we offer to all EZ2290 users.

Bulk upload

Effortlessly upload and store details for multiple vehicles in one go by downloading our Excel template and importing all the necessary details.

Form 2290 Amendment

You can easily adjust IRS Form 2290 for changes such as increased taxable gross weight, surpassed mileage limits, or any incorrect VINs.

Record Keeping

We securely store your data for at least 3 years, eliminating paperwork and ensuring compliance with IRS requirements.

Form 8849 Credit Request

Claim refunds for excise taxes on vehicles sold, destroyed, stolen, or with low mileage using Form 8849 Schedule 6.


We keep you out of danger with real-time TIN matching. When you request a TIN match, we check your information against IRS records. If something doesn’t match, we’ll let you know, and you can fix the error before the IRS catches it.

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