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Our website was designed with the on-the-go trucker in mind. That makes our site ultra-easy to use for business owners, as well. Easy step-by-step questions navigate you through the filing process. Once logged in, our tax filing wizard will guide you through the filing process. If you need any assistance while filing, use our live chat tool or call us at 1-877-811-ETAX. We’re happy to help.

Full Service

We offer a Full Service 2290 tax filing for our customers with large fleets or who need additional assistance with the filing process. Our trained support specialists will take care of your 2290 tax filing needs. From entering your tax information to providing you with your accepted schedule 1. The Full Service feature includes Audit Assist at no additional charge. Dealing with the IRS does not have to be complicated or confusing. With Audit Assist, we will:

2290 Amendments

When there are changes that need to be made in a previously reported Form 2290, an amended return must be filed. There are 3 types of amendments that need to be reported for Form 2290, they are:

8849 Credit Request

Our platform guides you through the creation and eFiling of IRS Form 8849,for credit request on excise tax paid.You may file this form to request credit for taxes that should not have been paid due to over payment,or due to the vehicle being sold,stolen,or destroyed. if you need assistance with this form,please live chat with us.We are also available by phone,as 877-811-3829.
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