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Why is there a need to file Form 2290?

Fleet operators, your vehicles’ registration, and IRS compliance are vital. Form 2290 is the official tool for reporting and settling Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) obligations for vehicles over 55,000 pounds.
When it comes to e-filing Form 2290, a seamless, efficient, and budget-friendly approach is essential. At EZ2290, we stand out as the ultimate Form 2290 e-file solution for fleet operators. We offer fleet operators an innovative alternative to the traditional paper-based filing process. Our solutions empower you to complete and submit Form 2290 electronically, eradicating paper hassles and minimizing filing errors.
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Form 2290 eFile Service

Get Schedule 1 Proof in Minutes

This serves as an acknowledgment from the IRS that you have fulfilled your HVUT obligations for the tax year 2023-24.

Free VIN Correction

Vehicle Identification Number is a unique 17/19-digit identity, that holds immense importance to file Form 2290. EZ2290 allows you to rectify any VIN errors for free.

Make IRS 2290 Amendments

Make amendments to your previously filed Form 2290 for Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT).

IRS Form 8849

Claim a tax return on your vehicle by eFiling Form 8849 within minutes and get notified once it has been successfully submitted to the IRS.

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E-file 2290 by yourself or leverage expert assistance from our Customer Support. The choice is Yours!


Make your 2290 tax filing experience efficient, secure, and stress-free with EZ2290. Our platform is designed keeping in mind truckers and business owners. There’s step by step questions to help you navigate through the entire process effortlessly. You can also use live chat assistance if you get stuck anywhere.

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From importing data to filing your 2290 forms, we can do it all. Simply submit your data (Business, Vehicle, and Return details) through our Excel template and let our experts manage your 2290 filings from start to end. Get your IRS-stamped Schedule 1 promptly without any hassle.

Calculate Your Taxes Accurately with our Automatic Tax Calculator

Prepare your tax liability and credit information with our intuitive online tool ‘IFTA Calculator’ and save your precious time and avoid making any costly mistakes. 

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IRS Now Accepting the Form 2290 for 2024-25

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