Form 2290 Mailing address for Paper Filing

Form 2290 is an annual tax return for vehicles with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more that operate on public highways. To do paper file Form 2290, print the completed form and mail it, along with your payment, to the IRS.

Filing your Form 2290 return online is significantly faster and more convenient than filing it on paper.

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Form 2290 Mailing address by Payment Method

The mailing address for Form 2290 depends upon whether you pay HVUT or not along with the form.

If you are mailing Form 2290 along with full payment, send it to:

If you are Mailing Form 2290 without HVUT payment, send it to:

Ways to File HVUT 2290

How to file Form 2290?

There are two ways of filing your Form 2290:

I. e-Filing
II. Paper Filing

IRS Form 2290 e-Filing:
Form 2290 e-Filing or online filing is the easiest and quickest way of filing your Form 2290. The IRS recommends e-filing in general as it takes less time and gets you your Schedule-1 within minutes. IRS authorized 2290 e-File service provider EZ2290, offering quick and easy e-filing solutions for all.
IRS Form 2290 Paper Filing
Paper filing involves printing your filled Form 2290 with all the details and mailing it to the IRS along with your check. Paper filing your return takes 4-6 weeks (about 1 and a half months) for the IRS to accept it. For 2290 e-File will get support but paper filing won’t get that much support. Note: IRS don’t accept if you file more than 24 vehicles, paper filing is not allowed. 2290 e-Filing made compulsory by the IRS for filing more than 24 vehicles.
Form 2290 Mailing Instructions

Where to mail Form 2290?

The 2290 mailing address for your Form 2290 depends on whether you include HVUT payment with your return or not. Please send your Form 2290 to the address provided below. The return has to be mailed to the IRS address as below:

Form 2290 with Full Payment Mailing Address:

With full payment and that payment is not drawn from an international financial institution.

Form 2290 Mailing Address Without Payment:

Paper filing Form 2290 and mailing without payment due or if payment is made through EFTPS or by credit/debit card. You need to send your form 2290 to the address below.

Form 2290 Mailing Address with Check:

If you are doing a 2290 paper filing with a check or money order drawn from an international financial institution, then send your form 2290 to the following address.
Benefits of 2290 e-File

Transitioning from Paper filing to e-File of Form 2290

Replace old, manual processes with faster, more efficient electronic options. The IRS also mandates e-filing your return if you’re filing for 25 or more vehicles.

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