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Mississippi Trucking Association

About the Special 2290 Discount Program

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The Mississippi Trucking Association (MTA), founded in 1942, advocates for the state’s trucking industry. Representing over 300 members, the MTA promotes safety, education, and public awareness for the trucking industry, which is vital for transporting goods throughout Mississippi.

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Mississippi Trucking Association

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Managing a large fleet is not easy. You have so many things on your plate. There was a time where I used to sit with my accountant to get these paper files right but at the same time, I knew this is not what I should be focusing on if I want to grow my business. So, I simply outsourced all my HVUT files to EZ2290, and to say the least, it’s a burden off me. They have made my life easy and I’ve never had to worry about non-compliance since.

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ez2290's bulk pricing is a game-changer for fleet owners. Undoubtedly the best rates in the market, ensuring substantial savings. The simplicity of the pricing structure and generous bulk filing discounts make ez2290 the clear choice for affordability without compromising quality, making tax season a breeze for fleet managers like myself.

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Truck Driver Filing with ez2290 was easy and stress-free. The step-by-step guidance and user-friendly setup made it smooth for me. I appreciate the straightforward service, making tax season hassle-free.

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I had a fantastic experience with ez2290, especially their customer support. I faced a hiccup, but Robert from support  reached out via email, and he was quick to respond, guiding me through the solution patiently. It's reassuring to know that they have excellent support in place. ez2290 not only simplifies filing but also ensures that assistance is just an email away when needed. Kudos to Robert!


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