How To File IRS Form 2290 Online For Tax Year 2023-24 (Step-by-step guide)

How To File IRS Form 2290 Online For Tax Year 2023-24
How To File IRS Form 2290 Online For Tax Year 2023-24
How To File IRS Form 2290 Online For Tax Year 2023-24

Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) is a mandatory excise tax imposed by the US government on heavy vehicles with a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more, operating on public highways. To comply, owners and operators must annually file Form 2290, reporting and paying the HVUT by the last day of the month following the first use of the vehicle.

Filing Form 2290 can be challenging for many due to tax calculations and submission procedures. EZ2290 takes the stress out of filing taxes for truckers and fleet owners across the nation. Our user-friendly interface and reliable support make completing Form 2290 a breeze, saving you valuable time and effort. With just a few clicks, you can handle your filing effortlessly. 

Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate the filing process with ease:

  1. Determine the Taxable Weight of Your Vehicle

Know the taxable gross weight of your vehicle, which includes its maximum loaded weight with trailers or equipment. Check the manufacturer’s statement of origin or contact your state’s motor vehicles department for this information.

  1. Find Your Applicable Tax Rate:

The tax you owe is based on your vehicle’s taxable gross weight. Heavier vehicles generally have higher tax rates. Find your specific rate in the IRS Form 2290 Instructions.

  1. Organize Your Records:

Collect all necessary documents and information, including ownership records, registration, fuel purchases, and odometer readings, before submitting Form 2290.

  1. Access Form 2290:

Obtain Form 2290 from the IRS website or a trusted e-File provider like EZ2290, GreenTax2290, or 2290 US. Now, complete all required fields, and provide vehicle details, and tax rate information.

Form 2290
  1. Submit Your Tax Payment:

After filling out the form, submit it along with the HVUT payment to the IRS. Payment options include e-File providers or direct deposit from your bank account.

  1. Receive Your Stamped Schedule 1:

Once the IRS processes your submission and payment, they will issue you a stamped Schedule 1 for each reported vehicle. This serves as proof of tax payment and vehicle registration.

Taxable Gross Weight 

Taxable Gross Weight is the total weight of your vehicle and its load when it’s ready to hit the road. The taxable gross weight of a vehicle (other than a bus) is the total of:

  • The actual unloaded weight of the vehicle fully equipped for service,
  • The actual unloaded weight of any trailers or semitrailers fully equipped for service customarily used in combination with the vehicle, and
  • The weight of the maximum load customarily carried on the vehicle and on any trailers or semitrailers customarily used in combination with the vehicle.

How to Calculate Taxable Gross Weight?

To calculate taxable gross weight, add your vehicle’s empty weight to the maximum load it can carry, then round it up to the nearest 500-pound increment. That’s your taxable gross weight, and it determines your tax amount. 

Getting it right on Form 2290 is crucial because it directly affects your tax payment. Accurate taxable gross weight is vital for Form 2290 as it determines your tax amount. HVUT is based on vehicle weight and mileage, so heavier vehicles incur higher taxes. Take the time to figure it out correctly and report it accurately on your Form 2290 to stay on the right side of the IRS!

File IRS Form 2290 Online With EZ2290

With EZ2290 smart features and live truck tax assistance, you can eFile your Form 2290 returns in just a few minutes.

Option 1: Do It Yourself 

  • Visit the EZ2290 website to get started with your Form 2290 filing process.
  • Register/Login: If you’re new to EZ2290, create an account by registering with your details. If you already have an account, simply log in using your credentials.
  • Choose “DIY eFiling”: Select the “Do It Yourself 2290 eFiling” option on the website. This indicates that you want to file the form on your own using their easy-to-use tools.
  • Enter Vehicle Details: Provide the necessary information, including the Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs), for the heavy vehicles you need to file for.
  • Automatic Tax Calculations: EZ2290’s system will automatically calculate the taxes you owe based on the information you provided.
  • Review & Submit: Carefully review all the details you’ve entered to ensure accuracy. Once you’re confident, submit the form to the IRS.

Option 2: Outsource eFiling:

  • Register/Login: If you’re a new user, create an account by registering with your information. For existing users, log in with your credentials.
  • Choose the Premium 2290 eFiling Program: EZ2290’s expert team will coordinate with your accounting team or representatives to eFile 2290 forms on your behalf.
  • File for All Vehicles: Provide the information for all your heavy vehicles that require Form 2290 filing.
  • Review & Submit: Ensure all the details are accurate and thoroughly reviewed before submitting the form to the IRS.

Bonus Features:

Free HVUT Compliance Assistance:
If any returns get rejected, EZ2290 provides free HVUT compliance assistance to help you get things right.

Free VIN Corrections:
If you made any mistakes in the VINs, don’t worry! EZ2290 allows you to make free corrections.
24*7 Support:
Feel free to reach out for help at any time if you need any assistance or have questions.

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