America’s Best Truck Stop Restaurants To Try When You’re On The Road

Here are the top 5 best-rated truck stop restaurants in America.

Truck drivers transport commercial goods and agricultural goods across the country for a living.

If you’re a truck driver, you just know that day in and day out, you spend 10 to 11 hours on the road. It’s a lot for a human to put themselves in such harsh conditions for so long.

And if you’re constantly driving and have no time to de-stress and relax, it is only going to become problematic.

When you drive across a variety of states and get to enjoy the scenic beauty of various landscapes, it’s only fair to give into your curiosity and try different food.

We’re referring to truck stop restaurants that serve great, delicious food and how you can always stop by at one of these truck stop restaurants as you drive across America.  

And if you have the taste buds that are willing to explore new cuisines and flavors, truck stop restaurants are a great idea because they provide a variety of food, ranging from home-style meal options to fast-food bites.

So, let’s get to it.

Top 5 Best Truck Stop Restaurants In America

Let’s explore the top 5 best truck stop restaurants in America.

Clearwater Truck Stop Restaurant

Location: Clearwater, Minnesota

This truck stop, in addition to featuring private showers, fuel stations, repair centers, and ample parking, is also home to a mouth-watering home-style menu. Many truck drivers rave about the restaurant for its wide range of comfort foods. Right from fries, burgers, and steak meals, you will find all things tasty and scrumptious here.

It also has a quick truck wash center to clean your truck while you finish your meal.

If you’re looking for a comfortable, home-like meal while on the highway, this is your best choice. 

Iowa 80

Location: Walcott, Iowa

Also known as the largest truck center in the WORLD, Iowa 80 in Walcott features a variety of fast-food restaurants. It also has its own kitchen named ‘Iowa 80 Kitchen’, which serves in-house meals that are comforting and tasty. The portion size is appealing to a lot of drivers that halt here.

Do give it a try when you pass through Iowa. And don’t worry about parking, the truck features massive parking spaces to accommodate over 100 trucks at once.

Hixton Travel Plaza

Location: Hixton, Wisconsin

This truck center features a home-style restaurant that serves a breakfast menu 24×7. If you have an eye for home-style food and love large portions, this truck stop restaurant will appeal to you. The restaurant offers pizzas, a specialty menu (that changes almost every week), and of course, desserts to soothe your sweet tooth!

Etna Oasis Truck Stop & Eateries

Location: Ottawa, IL

This truck stop features a home-style restaurant that serves large portions at reasonable prices. It’s open 24×7 and provides ample parking. The restaurant provides comfort soups, steak meals, mashed potatoes, salads, and much more. Looking for a quick bite by the highway? This is your stop.

Love’s Travel Stop

Location: Tipton, Indiana

This truck stop restaurant offers a whole range of food and beverages. Right from tacos, sandwiches, and snacks to coffee, juice, and of course, the roller grill specials. The truck stop restaurant features all things delish. Ideal for long halts and when you want to satiate your hunger for quick, comfort foods.

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