Why file with ez2290.com?

Why file with ez2290.com?

Maybe you’ve filed on paper at your “local” IRS office. Maybe you’ve e-Filed with another provider. What are some ways ez2290.com can make a difference in filing your 2290 for this year?

It’s easy to file from anywhere
With ez2290.com, you don’t have to be physically present in any particular place. When you may have done paper filing in the past, you had to go to an IRS office, wait in line, and complete the process while there. Time is money, as they say, and that’s particularly true in trucking.

Instead of standing around an IRS office, you could be on the road making money! To help, you can file your 2290 online. As long as you can access our website, we can take care of the rest for you.

File for all of your trucks under one login
Whether you have one truck, two trucks, or hundreds of trucks, you can add all of the information under one login. That enables you to keep all of the info in one place, and makes filing for next year even easier. We can just carry your information over from the current year to the next year with a simple click of your mouse.

What about multiple EINs? We can handle those under one login as well. Add as many businesses as you need to, and keep each of the separate businesses trucks in the proper place in our system.

Access your 2290s at any time
Once you file your 2290 and get the acceptance back, we will email you a copy. You can also access it online under your login. That way, if you ever need to find it again, you don’t have to dig through all of the paper in your truck to pull it out. Just log on and pull it up.

Get your 2290 back fast
How fast? Within minutes. Once you complete your 2290 information, we send it immediately to the IRS. They will approve or reject it and notify us, usually within 5-10 minutes after you enter all your information. It’s even faster when you use our service in future years, since we already have the data entered. Just choose the EIN, the year, and the truck information, and presto! Filing complete. 

Free VIN Corrections 
How many of you took typing in high school? I know I didn’t, so I’ve had to type this sentence five times to spell everything correctly. It’s easy to mis-type a VIN, which is a string of (usually) 17 characters. We make it easy to correct the VIN if you type it wrong the first time. Oh, and we don’t charge you for correcting the VIN if you initially filed it with us, either. 

Bulk import 
Have you been wildly successful and now have a bunch of trucks? We make it easy to add the information for all of them at once with our bulk import feature. Simply import the data into our system from a spreadsheet. It’s fast and easy to do. 

Guaranteed calculations 
If you’ve done the 2290 by paper filing before, you probably had to scratch out the math on paper or use a calculator to figure the tax correctly. We take care of the calculation for you, and we guarantee the accuracy of our calculations based on the information you provide. Your scratch paper won’t give you that guarantee

Excellent customer support 
When you have questions about how to file, or how to use the system, we are available. You can even choose how to  contact us: email, chat, or phone. When you email us, we usually get your question answered within a few hours. We offer chat support 24 hours a day during August. Or you can call us between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. CDT, Monday through Friday. We love to help our customers and have years of experience answering 2290 questions.

Bottom Line
It’s easy to complete your 2290 at ez2290.com. There’s no waiting in line, and you get your 2290 back in minutes. All of your information is available under one login. Go to ez2290.com and file your 2290 today!

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