HVUT for Privately Purchased Vehicles

The HVUT for privately purchased vehicles is calculated a bit differently than that for regular heavy vehicles. EZ2290’s HVUT tax calculator considers all these parameters when you e-file with us and shows the accurate taxation amount.

Let’s get to understand everything about HVUT for privately purchased vehicles!

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Privately Purchased Vehicles

HVUT for Privately Purchased Vehicles

Privately purchased vehicles are used vehicles that are purchased from a private seller. Vehicles purchased from dealerships, auctions, or those leased from a leasing company are not considered as privately purchased.

What is the due date for filing HVUT for a privately purchased vehicle?

The due date for filing Form 2290 for a privately purchased used vehicle is the same as that for regular heavy motor vehicles. The buyer has to mention the month after the sale on their Form 2290. The deadline for filing Form 2290 is the last day of the month following the first month of the vehicle used.

Do I have to pay the HVUT for the month of sale?

If your seller has paid the tax on the vehicle for the current tax year and you first use the vehicle in the month of sale, your total tax for the tax year will not include the tax for the month of sale.

How can I claim credit on a used vehicle that’s sold?

If you have sold a used vehicle, you must include the name and address of the purchaser in the claim for a credit or refund of tax paid for the remaining months of the current period. For vehicles sold before June 1st, you can claim credits for the tax paid on the next Form 2290, or a refund can be claimed through Form 8849 Schedule 6.

What are the things to verify before purchasing a used vehicle from a private owner?

While buying from a private seller, ensure that the seller has paid the tax for the current period. You can ask for a copy of the seller’s stamped Schedule 1 to verify this information.

How can I file Form 2290 for a privately purchased used vehicle?

You can either file offline (paper file) or e-file your Form 2290 for a privately purchased used vehicle. You can e-file your Form 2290 with an IRS-authorized e-filing provider like EZ2290.
Privately purchased vehicle HVUT

How to e-File Form 2290 for a Privately Purchased Vehicle?

Step1: Create your EZ2290 account for free.

Step 2: Enter the required business and vehicle information to calculate the HVUT. Make sure to click the check box against the option “Privately Purchased?”.

Step 3: Submit the form and receive the IRS Stamped Schedule-1 within minutes of successful submission.

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