2290 Form Late Penalty for 2017

2290 Form Late Penalty for 2017

Paying your 2290 form late is expensive. How expensive? Well, kinda like paying that “convenience charge” at the DMV for using a credit card. Do you want to pay that extra fee?

The two components of penalty

The IRS established two aspects of 2290 form penalty: late filing, and late payment.

Late Filing – This is 80% of your overall penalty. This penalty happens if you filed your form 2290 after the deadline.

Late Payment – This is the remaining 20% of your overall penalty. This charge is incurred when you filed on time, but didn’t pay. Or, if you didn’t file on time, and therefore didn’t pay.

Example: For a typical truck, if you’re 3 months late: Late Filing – $77.64 Late Payment – $17.16 Total penalty – $94.80 Note, these are assuming your original tax due was $550. And these penalty numbers are estimates only.

What can you buy with $94.80?

You can fill up your tank with 44 gallons of Diesel, at 4 mi/gal that will get you a whopping 176 miles. Ha. You can also get about 15 cartons of 6 packs. $94.80 will also get you about 16 packs of stoges. The list goes on. In short, why pay penalties when you can e-File now and save $94.80 in just 10 minutes of work? Click button below to save and get the IRS off your back.

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