The Best Truck Stops In Northeast America

The Best Truck Stops In Northeast America

A quick guide to help you find the best truck stops in the Northeast.

From an aerial view, the Northeastern states are located near the Atlantic coast, with Canada bordering the northern flack.

Truck drivers frequent the northeastern highways to deliver loads coming from other states. Alternatively, the shipments are transported to Canada through the Canada-U.S. bordering states.

If you’re a truck driver, you will get to enjoy the picturesque landscapes and cityscapes of the Northeastern states as you drive by.

While you’re at it, make a quick stop at one of these top-rated truck stops in the Northeast province of the U.S.

Be it for a quick snack, re-fueling, or for some time out. These truck stops provide all the essentials and comforts for on-road truck drivers.

So, check them out.

Love’s Travel Stop, New York

Location: State Route 22, Canaan

Located conveniently near the Interstate 90 highway, this best-rated truck center features fuel stations, retail shops, fast-food restaurants, ample parking, and much more. The on-site repair shop is a great convenience for truck drivers who need help with vehicle repairs, accessories, and more.  

The truck stop also provides CAT Scales, ATM, private hot showers, dog parks (if you have a furry companion), and much more.

Flynn’s Truck Plaza, Massachusetts

Location: Near Interstate 90, Shrewsbury

Known for their super friendly staff and reasonable pricing, this top-rated truck center in Shrewsbury features all things essential for truck drivers.

Right from a 24×7 fueling station, a fast-food restaurant, ample parking (to suffice over 300 trucks), courteous staff, to truck tire and repair services, this truck stop is made for the hardworking truck driving community.   

Dysart’s Restaurant & Truck Stop, Maine

Location: Coldbrook Road, Hermon

This local charm has been around since 1967 and has everything a truck driver needs.

 It features private showers, spotless bathrooms, laundry services, parking spots for large trucks, a fuel station, and even a restaurant.

The top-rated indie truck stop in Maine is open 24×7 and features a truck service center and a convenience store.

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