How to correct a VIN?

How to correct a VIN?

Sometimes when filing a 2290, you might accidentally file a VIN with a wrong letter or number. What are you supposed to do when this happens and the IRS accepts your return with the wrong vehicle information? You will file a VIN correction.

Why do I file an Amended Return if I entered the VIN wrong?

In order to get a Schedule 1 with the correct information listed and the IRS has a record of the correct VIN that needs to be filed on, you will have to file an amended form.  You also need a Schedule 1 that lists the correct VIN in order to get your truck tags. What information will it ask for?

  1. The incorrect, or Old VIN that was filed on the original 2290
  2. The new or correct VIN that needs to be listed on the Schedule 1
  3. Yes or No to Taxable. If yes, you will need to choose the weight.
  4. Answer yes or no to logging and agricultural

How long does it take to get the Schedule 1 with the correct vehicle information?

It takes the same amount of time to receive this Schedule 1, about 5-25 minutes.

How will I receive the new Schedule 1?

We will email you another “Congratulations…” email with the Schedule 1 as a pdf attachment in the email. So if you ever find the need to file a VIN correction, you now know the steps needed to get it corrected.

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