How To File An Amended 2290 Return Online?

How To File An Amended 2290 Return Online?

Learn the easiest way to amend your 2290 form online and file 2290 amendment quickly with EZ2290.

Change is constant.

This logic applies to trucking businesses as well.

Depending on the probabilities of the markets, the demand for heavy-duty transportation vehicles increases (or decreases).

As the orders keep piling up, businesses start to rely more on truck transportation. 

Certain installations, performance enhancement equipment, and other safety gear are added to the trucks, which increases the “empty” weight of the vehicle. 

This is usually done to help the truck keep up with the additional load and accommodate heavy loads for longer periods. 

As and when the demand goes south, these additional components are removed, allowing the trucking businesses to operate the trucks at the default weight.

Here’s what you need to remember. 

When the gross weight of your vehicle increases, it must be reported to the IRS.

The following discussion will help you learn more about reporting additional vehicle weight on the 2290 form and introduce you to “amending” your 2290 returns accurately. 

Let’s get to it. 

What To Do When The Gross Weight Of Your Vehicle Increases? 

When the gross taxable weight of the vehicle increases, you need to report the same on Form 2290. 

You will need to file a Form 2290 Amendment separately to inform the IRS about the change in vehicle information.

This process is called “amending” the vehicle information. Hence, the name, “2290 Amendment”.

The IRS needs to know if there is an increase in the gross taxable weight of your vehicle to tax your trucking business appropriately. 

Failing to report your corrected vehicle weight on 2290 Amendment will result in IRS filing rejections, penalties, and even IRS audits (depending on the severity of the reporting inaccuracies). 

What Is Form 2290 Amendment?

Form 2290 Amendment is an IRS return. It’s not a new form or different from Form 2290. It’s just a filing option on Form 2290, and needs to be filed separately.

2290 Amendment is usually filed for two reasons: 

  1. When the gross taxable weight of the vehicle increases. 
  2. When a tax-suspended vehicle exceeds the mileage use limit. 

These are the only two reasons to file a Form 2290 Amendment. 

For other changes, such as address change or VIN corrections, Form 2290 Address Change and Form 2290 VIN Correction must be filed, respectively. 

You will need to file a Form 2290 Amendment to report the aforementioned vehicle information changes.

Hence, the name “Form 2290 Amendment”.

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How To Report Increased Gross Taxable Weight On Form 2290 Amendment? 

Let’s assume that your vehicle weighed 59,000 pounds until May, for which you’ve already filed your 2290 returns by June. 

However, in late August, you had to add additional equipment to your vehicles, which increased the vehicle weight from 59,000 pounds to 62,000 pounds. 

This is the new, unloaded, “empty” weight of your vehicle. And this new weight information must be reported to the IRS with Form 2290 Amendment. 

All you need to do is enter the number of vehicles that have observed an increase in the gross taxable weight in the “tax computation” section of Form 2290. 

Select the “Amended Return” filing option at the top of the 2290 form to inform the IRS that certain information on your 2290 return (previously filed) has been amended or altered.  

How To eFile Form 2290 Amendment Online?

The best way to eFile a 2290 Amendment online is to eFile it through an IRS-authorized eFile provider, like EZ2290. 

Join a community of 10,000+ trucking companies, small trucking businesses, and truck drivers who trust and leverage the convenient 2290 eFiling experiences with EZ2290.  

With EZ2290, you can easily prepare and eFile your 2290 amendments in just a few steps. 

Step 1: Create Your Free EZ2290 Account  

Step 2: Select ‘2290 Amendment’ eFile service from your user dashboard. 

Step 3: Fill out the 2290 Amendment form with accurate information.

Step 4: eFile 2290 Amendment online with EZ2290 securely.

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