How To Pre-File Form 2290 In 5 Super Quick Steps?

How To Pre-File Form 2290 In 5 Super Quick Steps?

2290 pre-filing season is officially ON. Learn how to pre-file Form 2290 in just 5 quick steps online with EZ2290 + tips to get Schedule-1 before everyone else!

Pre-File Form 2290 For 2022-2023 Tax Season

Why are so many trucking companies in such a rush to pre-file Form 2290 for 2022-2023 tax year

What exactly will that do for your trucking business?

How does 2290 pre-filing help truckers? 

Let’s look at all such questions and more in the following discussion. 

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What is 2290 pre-filing?

Trucking businesses in 2022 are preparing for the pre-filing season, which usually begins on May 1 of the calendar year and ends by June 30. 

Essentially, pre-filing is just the early filing of Form 2290

Businesses start filing their 2290 forms between May-June so that the IRS accepts and reviews their returns first.

Here’s a little context to help you understand this better. 

The IRS requires trucking companies, fleet owners, self-employed truckers, and other trucking businesses to file Form 2290. This is to obtain the heavy highway vehicle usage tax information from the truck owners through Form 2290.

Form 2290 is exclusively designed to report heavy highway vehicle usage details and tax information, giving it the name, ‘HVUT’ form.

The 2290 reporting information includes: 

  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • Employer Identification Number 
  • Taxable Gross Weight Of The Vehicle
  • Month Of First Use
  • Tax Suspension Status

And other relevant details.

Trucking businesses are required to file a Form 2290 by the end of the following month, succeeding the month of first use. 

Confusing, isn’t it? 

Let us clarify this further. 

Say that you first started using a newly bought highway truck in June. In this case, you’re required to file a Form 2290 by July 31, to stay compliant. 

So, what’s special about pre-filing Form 2290? 

Well, the reporting procedure doesn’t change much, but the filing process does change slightly. 

The IRS follows a July-June filing calendar for 2290 HVUT filings. 

So, the trucking companies are required to file a Form 2290 from July of the current year to June of the following year. This ensures a smoother transition for businesses that start using new trucks throughout the year.

How does pre-filing Form 2290 help truckers?

If you’ve been in the trucking industry for a while, you’ll understand the Black Friday-like hype around 2290 filings. 

Trucking businesses prepare their HVUT forms and draft the returns to be filed on or by July 1 (which is also when the IRS first starts accepting the filings for the year). 

Now, there are thousands of trucking companies in the U.S. that look forward to the 2290 filing season in July. 

When all these businesses send in their filings at once, the IRS systems are crammed with an influx of filings, which results in server crashes, jammed systems, delays, and inconsistencies in the issuance of stamped Schedule-1 (proof of payment). 

The IRS follows the first-in, first-out strategy to review the filings. 

So, pre-filing helps thousands of trucking companies submit their filings early, even before the official filing season begins (in July), accelerating the IRS review for early filers.

Benefits of pre-filing 2290 in 2022

✔ Avoid last-minute submission failures and delays

✔ Get your returns reviewed before everyone else

✔ Get the IRS-stamped Schedule-1 right away

✔ Prevent 2290 late filing penalties and fees

✔ Take your time to review the HVUT reports prior to filing. No rush. No inaccuracies. 

✔ Avoid duplicated filings caused due to technical glitches

When does the 2290 pre-filing season begin in 2022?

In 2022, the 2990 HVUT form pre-filing begins on May 1 and ends by June 30. The official filing season begins on July 1. 

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What do you need to pre-file Form 2290?

Here’s a checklist of all the information you need to pre-file Form 2290 in 2022. 

🠊 Weight of the vehicle (if gross weight exceeds 55,000 pounds, the vehicle qualifies for HVUT) 

🠊 Vehicle identification number or VIN

🠊 Vehicle category 

🠊 Vehicle logging status

🠊 EIN or Employer Identification Number or TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) 

🠊 Legal name and operational address of your entity

🠊 Date/Month in which the vehicle was first used on a highway

🠊 Tax suspension details of the vehicle 

🠊 Vehicle mileage use limit

🠊 Total tax due

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How to pre-file Form 2290 in just 5 quick steps?

Pre-file your 2290 forms instantly with EZ2290 and get the IRS-stamped Schedule-1 within seconds. 

  • Step 1: Create your FREE account with EZ2290 
  • Step 2: Import your 2290 vehicle data 
  • Step 3: Populate the 2290 form with the relevant vehicle data
  • Step 4: Verify vehicle information & VINs 
  • Step 5: Pre-file securely 

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Note: Your returns will be submitted to the IRS instantly. However, the IRS will start reviewing early files once the official filing season begins on July 1. This isn’t something that IRS agents (like us) can control, and would be a universal experience across all digital 2290 filing platforms, including the IRS eFile system.

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Pre-File Form 2290 Now For 2022-2023 Tax Year

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