Reported Incorrect VIN On Form 2290? Here’s How To Correct VIN Number Online

Reported Incorrect VIN On Form 2290? Here’s How To Correct VIN Number Online

Avoid paying double the taxes by reporting your VINs accurately with Form 2290 VIN Corrections.

Mistakes are inevitable. 

It’s only human to make errors now and then.

However, some errors can result in IRS notices and even penalties.

Thankfully, incorrect VIN reports are not one of those haunting errors. 

Nevertheless, they still need to be corrected because the IRS doesn’t keep a track of your VIN reports, and you may need to pay additional taxes if you’re reporting unknown or unverified VINs in your 2290 returns. 

But how exactly does an incorrect VIN report happen? 

And what do you need to do to fix or correct an incorrect VIN? 

Let’s take a look. 

Understanding An Incorrect VIN Report 

A vehicle identification number or VIN is a unique combination of 17 digits comprising numbers and alphabets. 

It’s assigned to a vehicle for identification purposes. 

The vehicle owner or the trucking business that owns and operates the heavy highway vehicle needs to report the VIN on Form 2290

When one or more characters of the VIN are reported incorrectly, the VIN report is termed to be incorrect. 

You’ve got an incorrect VIN if you confuse one character for another, or if your preparer has entered a wrong character in Schedule 1.

The VINs must be reported accurately on both copies of Schedule 1, failure to do so results in incorrect VINs. 

Form 2290 VIN Correction: How To Correct An Incorrect VIN?

The IRS requires you to file a Form 2290 VIN Correction if you’ve reported an incorrect VIN in your previous 2290 filings. 

The 2290 VIN Correction form is not a new form as such, but it is a “variant” of IRS Form 2290, and it must be prepared and filed to fix an incorrect VIN. 

It must be prepared and filed separately. 

Just mark “VIN Correction” when you’re preparing the 2290 return to signify that the return is exclusively filed to report corrected VINs. The ‘VIN Correction’ option shouldn’t be selected for any other reason. 

Enter the verified vehicle identification number (VIN) on both copies of Schedule 1.

If you’re correcting the VIN for tax-suspended vehicles, then correct the VIN in “Part II” of Form 2290.  

You can easily prepare and file your Form 2290 VIN Correction online with EZ2290, an IRS-authorized eFile provider. 

How To eFile Form 2290 VIN Correction With EZ2290?

EZ2290 allows you to file your Form 2290 VIN Correction for free. 

If you’ve previously filed your 2290 returns with us, you can file the 2290 VIN Correction returns at no additional cost. 

In order to file your 2290 returns with the corrected VINs, you will need to follow our 3-step process. 

Step 1:  Create your EZ2290 account for free 

If you’re registered with EZ2290, log in here

If you’re new to EZ2290 (welcome!), create your account for free

Step 2: Validate & report the corrected VINs

Use free VIN check tools online to verify the accuracy of your VINs. Report the corrected VINs on your 2290 VIN correction form. Do not forget to select “VIN Correction” as your filing option for the eFile request. 

Step 3: eFile Form 2290 VIN Correction securely 

Click on submit and your 2290 VIN Correction request will be submitted to the IRS. We will notify you once the request has been accepted by the IRS. 

Why Are VIN Corrections Free With EZ2290?

Earlier in this read, when we said that human errors are inevitable, we meant it.

Incorrect VIN reports are basically just users missing to report or incorrectly reporting a character or two. 

It’s a minor error, and to charge users for such miscellaneous errors didn’t seem fair to us. 

Even though the 2290 VIN Correction requests do cost us money in different ways (electronic transmission costs, technical costs, compliance support staff’s efforts, etc.), we do not want to pass on that burden to our users. 

It’s a token of gratitude from our end to users who chose EZ2290 for their HVUT compliance needs. 

eFile 2290 VIN Correction For Free

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