⏰ Only A Few Days Left To eFile Your 2290 Forms. Are You Ready? 💪

⏰ Only A Few Days Left To eFile Your 2290 Forms. Are You Ready? 💪

Trucking businesses like yours are preparing to eFile their 2290 forms before the August 31 deadline. Are you? 

When was the last time you filed your 2290 tax returns?

Must be a long time ago. 

The thing is, 2290 tax returns must be filed every year whether or not your vehicles are suspended from the 2290 HVUT tax

So, if you’re operating a perfectly functional, regular vehicle to transport goods all over the U.S., then this is the right time to prepare your 2290 forms and file your HVUT returns online. 

And do it quickly because the 2290 due date for 2022 is just around the corner, and you might just miss it if you don’t get started now. 

And while you’re at it, be sure to file your 2290 returns with an IRS-authorized eFile provider like EZ2290 that 10,000+ truckers like you trust. 

It’s true. 

Businesses like yours file 2290 returns with IRS-authorized eFile providers to avoid being scammed by fraudulent companies pretending to be “legit” eFile providers. 

And when you eFile with EZ2290, you have all these amazing features and advantages that help your business save time and effort. (More on this later)

The following discussion will focus on 2290 form filing requirements, the due date for Form 2290, and of course, authorized eFiling options to eFile Form 2290 online. 

So, let’s get started.

Topics Covered

  • IRS 2290 Form For 2022: A Quick Overview 
  • Form 2290 Instructions 2022: Information You Need To File 2290 Form Online
  • IRS Form 2290 Due Date 2022: When Is 2290 Due In 2022?
  • How To eFile Form 2290 Online With EZ2290?

IRS 2290 Form For 2022: A Quick Overview

  • Form 2290 is an IRS return that exclusively deals with heavy highway vehicle usage tax information or HVUT. 
  • Use Form 2290 to report vehicle information, such as vehicle weight, vehicle category, vehicle identification number (VIN), tax suspension details, mileage use limit, and other information. 
  • Businesses need to file the HVUT Form 2290 and pay the 2290 tax due on or by the IRS deadline (as applicable from the month of first use).
  • The filing cycle begins in June and ends by the end of July of the successive year, making it a June-July filing cycle.
  • File Form 2290 before the IRS Form 2290 deadline to avoid late filing penalties and notices from the IRS. 

Form 2290 Instructions 2022: Information You Need To File 2290 Form Online

You will need a variety of vehicle and business information in order to fill out the 2290 form per the IRS instructions.  

Use the following checklist to make sure you have all the details you need to prepare and file your 2290 forms.

  • The legal name of the business or DBA (Doing Business As) name
  • EIN (Employer Identification Number) or TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) 
  • Business address 
  • The taxable gross weight of the vehicle
  • Vehicle categories
  • Vehicle identification number 
  • The month of first use
  • Mileage use limit (miles utilized or exceeded or under-utilized by vehicles)
  • Logging status of the vehicle 
  • Suspension status of the vehicle 
  • Total number of vehicles 

IRS Form 2290 Due Date 2022: When Is 2290 Due In 2022?

Use the following 2290 due date chart 2022 to file your 2290 forms on or by the IRS deadline.

If The Vehicle Is First Used In This MonthFile Form 2290 & Pay HVUT Tax By
July 2022August 31, 2022
August 2022September 30, 2022
September 2022October 31, 2022
October 2022November 30, 2022
November 2022January 3, 2023
December 2022January 31, 2023
January 2023February 28, 2023
February 2023March 31, 2023
March 2023May 01, 2023
April 2023May 31, 2023
May 2023June 30, 2023

How To eFile Form 2290 Online With EZ2290 

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