How Trucking Companies Are Saving Time With EZ2290’s Bulk Upload

Trucking Companies Are Saving Time With EZ2290 Bulk Upload Feature

Here’s how the bulk upload feature from EZ2290 would make your life easy and why you should consider using it for your bulk 2290 form filings.

Businesses love convenience. 

Honestly, who doesn’t?

You can tell how much someone loves convenience by looking at some of the apps and internet products they use. 

If you’ve used EZ2290 to submit your 2290 returns to the IRS, then you’re already one of those sophisticated internet users who love all things great and convenient. 

But convenience doesn’t just end at secure e-filings and 24×7 support. 

There’s so much more to 2290 filings that trucking businesses like yours need. 

For example, a convenient solution that enables you to import all your vehicle and business data in just a simple click. 

We’re referring to EZ2290’s bulk Data Upload/Import feature that enables you to import all the data you need at once, saving you time and effort. 

These are the times that need quick thinking and smart working. No one has the time to wait and manually enter the data for hundreds and thousands of forms. It’s practically not viable. 

EZ2290 is on a mission to make 2290 e-filing and HVUT compliance a no-nonsense ordeal for users by bringing together some of the easiest solutions in one place. 

This includes making bulk filings easy for businesses. 

Let’s discuss this in some detail. 

What Is The EZ2290’s Bulk Upload Feature? 

EZ2290’s bulk data upload enables a user to upload or import bulk vehicle data, business EIN/legal name information, and other 2290-related data in a single click. 

With predefined Excel templates, you can easily import and format the imported data for appropriate comprehension. 

If you’re a tax practitioner or a paid preparer or have multiple trucking companies to manage, EZ2290’s bulk data upload feature comes in handy.  

Here’s how you can access this feature. 

Step 1: Create your EZ2290 account for free 

Step 2: Log in to your account and go to your user dashboard

Step 3: Select ‘Bulk Upload’ 

Step 4: Select the file on your computer and the upload process will begin 

Don’t worry. EZ2290 is encrypted with a 256-bit bank-grade advanced encryption standard. This means your data is only yours and no one will be able to access it (not even us). 

The uploaded data can be formatted for comprehension with the predefined Excel templates on your data management dashboard. 

This helps you populate the data on your 2290 forms appropriately. EZ2290 will even prompt you to enable the ‘auto-populate’ feature to complete the 2290 HVUT forms quickly. 

How Is Bulk Upload/Import Useful For Your Trucking Business? 

Import bulk data easily within seconds 

You may have a few vehicles to report on a 2290 form, or you may have a bunch of businesses for which you need to file 2290 forms in the volumes of hundreds or even thousands.

No matter your filing requirements, you will be able to upload your bulk data easily within a few seconds, securely, without interruptions. 

Import data for multiple EINs easily

If you’re someone who owns multiple trucking companies or files for multiple trucking businesses, EZ2290 has got you covered. You can upload the data for multiple business profiles separately with the bulk upload feature. 

Remember that you will need to create separate business profiles before you start the upload process. After this, you can eFile 2290 forms for all the EINs at once seamlessly. 

You will need to make the 2290 tax payments for each of the businesses separately to receive separate IRS-stamped Schedule 1 forms. 

Meet deadlines faster

Bulk data uploads make way for a faster form completion process. 

What this essentially means is that you’re uploading all the necessary data at once, creating multiple forms, and reviewing them. 

The entire process of importing data, completing your 2290 returns, and reviewing the forms takes you a handful of minutes before you’re eFiling your HVUT returns with the IRS. 

This would normally take hours or maybe even days if you were to manually enter the data and complete the forms. 

What’s more? You’re able to meet your deadlines faster and prevent late filing penalties because you have a super smart compliance product by your side. 

Get more work done in less time 

When you’re utilizing the bulk upload feature, you can simultaneously make use of our bulk filings feature to optimize your 2290 filing process.  eFile thousands of 2290 forms at once. eFile 2290 forms for multiple EINs at once. 

You’re essentially optimizing your 2290 compliance ecosystem with an IRS-authorized compliance enabler that works to help you. 

eFile without interruptions 

EZ2290 not only brings you bulk filings and bulk upload functionalities. You can also leverage a variety of other useful features that help you eFile your 2290 returns with the IRS seamlessly. 

We directly transmit your electronic filing requests to the IRS and help you receive the stamped Schedule 1 almost instantly. 

What’s even better is that you can easily address your rejected returns and incorrect VIN reports at no additional cost. 

Ditch hours and even days of paperwork, and switch to the smarter approach to HVUT compliance with EZ2290.  Prepare and eFile your 2290 forms without any obstacles. 

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