How Much For A VIN Change? Does EZ2290 Offer Free VIN Corrections? Experts Answer Your Queries

How Much For A VIN Change

Looking for free VIN corrections or VIN changes? EZ2290 can do it for you –  for FREE! Take a look at this simple, useful guide to learn how.

Every month, we receive thousands of queries from trucking businesses, owner-operators, truckers, and fleet owners who choose EZ2290 for its convenient eFiling solutions. 

This week, we have received a very specific question from a curious visitor who happens to work in the trucking community. 

Their question: How much for a VIN change? And does EZ2290 offer free VIN corrections?

The following discussion will be addressing this query and provide practical solutions available at EZ2290.

So, let’s get to it.

What Is VIN Correction? 

To start off, let’s understand what is VIN Correction.

VIN Correction is the process of modifying a VIN that was previously reported incorrectly. 

2290 reporting regime requires taxpayers/filers/preparers to report the vehicle identification number (VIN) on both copies of Schedule I.

So, if you report an incorrect VIN, the IRS requires you to correct the incorrect VIN by filing a 2290 Form VIN Correction. 

“VIN Correction” must be filed separately. It must include the business information, relevant vehicle information, and of course, the corrected VIN (which must be validated prior to reporting). 

Why Is VIN Correction Important?

VIN Correction is an important step in the 2290 compliance process. If you plan on staying in the good books of the IRS and preventing penalty assessments from the IRS for incorrect reporting, then it’s best to sort out your VIN reports before you file them.

  • VIN Corrections help you report vehicle information accurately
  • VIN Corrections help your business to be taxed appropriately
  • VIN Corrections help you keep your regulatory reports in check 
  • VIN Corrections accelerate reporting accuracy 

When Do You Need VIN Correction?

If you reported an incorrect VIN, you need to file an HVUT Form 2290 VIN Correction to correct the incorrect VIN report.

There is usually just one scenario in which you comprehend that you’ve reported an incorrect VIN. And that is: When you notice that the VINs reported on the 2290 return and the VIN data on your master sheet do not correlate.

The IRS does not keep a track of the VINs reported and will not notify you about your incorrect VIN reports. 

However, the state DMV will.

So, it’s important to file a VIN Correction 2290 as soon as you notice that you’ve reported an incorrect VIN. 

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Does EZ2290 Offer Free VIN Corrections?

If you’re an EZ2290 user, and you’ve utilized our 2290 eFile services to eFile your 2290 returns to the IRS, then yes, you can change your VIN Corrections at no additional cost.

So, yes. If you’ve filed 2290 with EZ2290, VIN Corrections are free

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How To eFile 2290 VIN Correction With EZ2290?

Filing a 2290 VIN Correction is actually pretty easy. 

Just follow the steps below, and you’ll be done with your VIN Corrections in just a few minutes.

Step 1: Create your free EZ2290 account or Log In

Step 2: Select ‘VIN Corrections’ service on your user dashboard 

Step 3: Enter validated VINs on the return 

Step 4: Select “VIN Corrections” on Form 2290 (in the filing options) 

Step 5: Review the forms & eFile! 

And that’s it. 

No complex paperwork. No mess. 

eFile 2290 VIN Correction Now

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