The Best Truck Stops Across America: The Best of the West

The Best Truck Stops Across America: The Best of the West

We all know the struggle of finding a safe, clean place to stop on the road. For truckers, it can be an extreme sport to find a rest stop you trust to leave your cargo for a few hours, or even overnight. At EZ2290, we know our users cover all corners of the US. We have done our homework and compiled a list of some of the best rest stops and travel centers along your route!

For the first stop on the journey, we’re taking a trip to the West! Full of mountains and valleys, this piece of our country is one of the most beautiful to drive through. It also holds some hidden treasures as far as travel centers and rest areas. If you’re driving through, definitely check out one of these spots:

Jubitz: Portland, Oregon

This travel center holds every amenity that a truck driver could ever need in a rest stop. The property goes beyond a simple convenience store. It holds a full bar & grill, movie theatre, and inn for those looking for a longer stay. The travel center holds 300 parking spaces, clean showers and jacuzzi tubs. There’s a full-service truck maintenance center on site if your truck needs service. Seriously, this is a stop you need to check out!

Bear Lake Rest Area & Overlook: Bear Lake, Utah

This travel center that has been serving truckers and other travelers since 1891 is a must-see. The overlook has been rightfully named one of the best views in the US. Looking for a longer break or some exercise? There are plenty of surrounding hiking trails with breathtaking views.

Boise Stage Shop: Boise, Idaho

This travel center has been serving truckers and other travelers since 1891. With over 100 years in business, this stop has mastered the rest-stop experience. The C-Store will meet all your needs from snacks to gifts. The trucker spot includes a lounge area and arcade to rest and rejuvenate. Hungry? The shop also holds a popular steakhouse.

Johnson’s Corner Truck Stop: Johnstown, CO

This truck stop has been open 24/7 since 1952 selling their world-famous cinnamon rolls. The site holds incredible services for truckers including full showers, laundry facilities, and on-site physicals. They also play live video with updates on the Colorado road conditions.

We know EZ2290’s users pan over the entire country, so check back in soon to see our top picks for the rest of the US. Next up: The Best of the Midwest!

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