IRS Form 2290 deadlines 2019 – 2020

IRS Form 2290 deadlines 2019 – 2020

You’re looking for information on when your 2290 and heavy vehicle utility taxes are due to the IRS. You’re probably seeing August 31st a whole lot, and then you’re seeing a table with a bunch of other deadlines. Don’t bother with all that. At EZ2290, we do everything we can to make life easy for you. We’re going to help you get your deadline right.

We’ll just start by asking you a question. Did you purchase your vehicle before July 31st, 2018? 
If yes, you’ve got a quick-and-easy answer when it comes to your form-filing deadline. You should be already be all paid up through the end of the 2018 – 2019 tax period. Your next deadline will be your deadline to file for the 2019 -2020 tax year. When the clock strikes June 30th, 2018, that’s when it’s time to look to filing for the 2019 – 2020 tax period.  
The IRS begins accepting 2290’s for the new period on July the 1st, 2019. The 2290 forms and HVUT payment must be received by September 2nd, 2019. 
This date might surprise you. If you’ve been filing 2290’s for a while, you’ll recognize August 31st as the usual filing and payment deadline. This year, the 31st falls on a Saturday. Because of this, your filing and payment deadline is extended to the next business day, September 2nd, 2019. 
What if you’ve purchased your vehicle since July 31st, 2018? 

If you’ve purchased your vehicle since July 31st, 2018, you’ve got a little different situation this first year. You’ll end up filing and paying twice in the first year. You’ll need to first pay for the time between when you bought your truck, and the new, full filing season. Then, you’ll be on track to pay for the July 1st through June 30th deadlines. 
Let’s break this down into what you’ll pay, when you’ll pay it, and how. 

What will you pay in 2290 taxes for your new vehicle?
You’re responsible for heavy vehicle utility tax from the month you first purchase and use the vehicle on a public highway through the beginning of the new filing period. If you bought your truck on August 8th, 2018, then you must pay taxes from August 2018 through the end of June, 2019. 
 When will your new vehicle 2290 forms be due? 
This is where that pesky deadline table comes into play. Your deadline for 2290 forms and payment depends on when you purchased your vehicle. The IRS gives you the month of purchase, plus the full month following to file your form and pay your tax.

For example: If you purchased your vehicle on January 2nd, 2019, you have the remaining month of August through February 28th  of 2019 to file. If you purchased your vehicle on February 15th, 2019, you’d ordinarily have until March 31st to file, but the 31st is a Sunday. So, your form and payment deadline is extended to April 1st, 2019.

How will you submit your 2290 and HVUT payment? 

You have a couple options for submitting your 2290 and HVUT. One option you have is to submit and pay through a paper filing, and mailing in a check. There are many advantages to eFiling instead. This is especially true if you use an IRS-approved eFiler, with experience in eFiling. Here are just a few examples of things that we here at EZ2290 do better than the rest.

We tell you how to fill out the IRS 2290 form. 

When you paper file, you’re on your own when it comes to figuring out how to fill out the form. You’ll also need to figure out how much tax you owe. With EZ2290, we walk you through the whole process. Don’t worry about reading through pages and pages of IRS instructions.

We give get you a stamped Schedule 1 right away. 

When you paper file by mailing in your forms and check, you have to wait weeks to learn the status of your forms. With EZ2290, we eFile your forms right away, and you’ll have your IRS-stamped Schedule 1 in minutes.

We securely store your 2290 information. 

When you paper file, you have to keep up with all your records and information. A lot of the information that goes on a 2290 form is very sensitive, like EIN’s and other business information. Rather than keeping that on scraps of paper, or shoving it away in a filing cabinet, let EZ2290 handle the storage of your forms. We keep your information in our platform from year to year, so you don’t have to dig it up.

We’re here for you! We offer customer support for IRS Form 2290.

Whether your forms are due in a couple days, or a couple months, we hope that this IRS Form 2290 deadline guide has been helpful for you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team! We’re available by live chat on our website, by email, and by phone: 877-811-3829.

Thank you for choosing EZ2290! 

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