The Real Cost & Penalties of IRS Form 2290.

The Real Cost & Penalties of IRS Form 2290.

We handle a vast majority of trucker tax filings here at — So after talking to 10,140 or so owner operators, accountants/bookkeepers, and fleet owners over the past 3 years, I got a pretty good collection of road stories and how much a late or missing 2290 really costs, to YOU.

Cost #1 — The Cops and Court Fees

If you get pulled over, you’re at the mercy of the highway patrol officer (some of you call this guy “Smokey”). Chances of getting off with a warning is probably next to winning the state lotto ticket.

So, what do you do?

Well, let’s take a look here. The very minimal fine would be $145 to start with for “any motor carrier violation not listed,” since in this list not having a 2290 is not explicitly listed, but inferred. But when was the last time you got pulled over and got off with just minimal fine? Let’s be realistic and think about possible scenarios here. No IFTA, failed to register sufficient gross weight, failed to display placard, failed to display registration plate. Before you know it, officer hands you a ticket for $795.50 with a smile and tells you “Have a Nice Day.” — yea right, how can you have a nice day after that?

Cost #2 —Clients calling about their delayed shipment

The unintended side effect of any stops is, well, a delay in your shipment to your client. Imagine this, your client needs you to ship a cargo of goods to their location by midnight tomorrow, and you get pulled over for a good 20 to 40 minutes, guess what, your shipment is late!

Your client needed to get this cargo to proceed with an auction that will not happen now because it’s already over. It costed your client reputation, money, and time, do you expect to get another job order from them next time? Probably not.

So this begs the 2nd question: how much does losing a client cost you?

Cost #3 —No papers, no work

You can’t drive without a 2290 — that’s the bottom line. Everyday, we get people calling, “hey I just signed up with this company and they need me to send them a stamped 2290 before they can hire me” — don’t be stuck in that situation. The national average income for drivers is about $43,000, at that rate you’re losing at least $21.50 every hour you’re not driving.

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