Pre-File 2016 IRS Form 2290 (Coupon Inside!)

Pre-File 2016 IRS Form 2290 (Coupon Inside!)

Form 2290 Pre-File for 2016-2017.
Is July or August your busiest time on the road? Pre-file your Form 2290 now and avoid the headache of scrambling to file before the deadline*! P.S. Keep scrollin’ for Conan’s driving school clip.  

Save Money by Pre-Filing Form 2290 Now! has the new tax year forms available for July 1st, 2016 to June 30th, 2017! If you pre-file with us now in the month of June you can save 10% on the filing fee by using the discount code: SAVE10NOW. Enter the code at checkout.  

File and Forget About It….

Go ahead and pre-file now and we’ll take care of the rest. Once the tax season starts over on July 1st and the IRS begins accepting the 2290 Forms, we’ll submit yours and then automatically email you the Schedule 1 after the IRS accepts your return.  

Can I get my Schedule 1 before July 1st?

A lot of customers that pre-file think they will get their Schedule 1 as soon as they submit the 2290. The fact is: the IRS will not release Schedule 1’s for any 2016 tax year 2290 filings prior to the start of the tax year which is always July 1st. Depending on the quantity of forms being submitted electronically, the IRS may not be able to release those Schedule 1’s for a few days. If you have to have the Schedule 1 prior to July 1st, you can try to file at your local IRS office.  

* When is the Deadline?

The actual deadline to renew your 2290 for the upcoming tax season is August 31st. However, if you need that Schedule 1 before then to get your tags, you’ll have to go ahead and file before that deadline date.

e-File Now!

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IRS Now Accepting the Form 2290 for 2024-25

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