Avoid IRS Speed Trap with TIN Verification

Avoid IRS Speed Trap with TIN Verification

TIN Verification
We see it every day. A trucker needs his Schedule 1 but the 2290 gets rejected. The IRS calls it a “database validation error” – what does that mean?! 
Usually the name of the business doesn’t match the Employer Identification Number (EIN) or the EIN is too new. The trucker has to take more time to re-enter the correct name and re-submit the form. No one wants to waste time. How can you make sure this doesn’t happen to you? Use TIN Verification.

What is TIN Verification?

It’s a tool to confirm the name and EIN match. We check the information for you with the IRS database. That way you can help avoid rejection.

Can I Do TIN Match Myself?

Yes! You can call the IRS EIN hotline at 800-829-4933. Press 1 and then 3. And then wait. Eventually, you can speak with someone to confirm business details such as your EIN, name, and address that you registered the business under. Make sure you have recent tax filing information available as well. The IRS will ask questions to confirm you are who you say you are before sharing information.

Don’t have time to sit on hold until an overworked IRS agent answers the phone?

An Easier Way

You can use TIN Verification in EZ2290.com. When you enter your business profile, just click “Verify TIN” under the Confirm EIN box. There is a small convenience fee to verify the information.

In a few seconds you will know if you have the correct information. A green check mark means everything is good. A red X, like you see above, means something is off.  

Why did I get an error?

Usually the error is because the name is wrong. Here is an example:

  • Jim Smith owns JS Freight Haulers. He is the sole proprietor.
  • Jim registered for an EIN two years ago. It is 99-1234567.
  • Jim entered his business name as JS Freight Haulers in his business profile.
  • The IRS rejected his 2290.
  • The correct name to enter on his business profile is James Smith (Jim is his nickname).


Why doesn’t the IRS recognize my business name?

Most small businesses file their taxes through their SSN, not their EIN. The IRS tracks the EIN for a sole proprietor or most LLCs to the individual’s name. The business name in most of these cases is a “doing business as” name, or DBA. Check out this post for more details on getting an EIN. Jim entered his DBA name instead of his own name. That is why the IRS rejected his form. The IRS won’t recognize a DBA name.  

How do I fix the error?

When you use TIN Verification you know right away something is wrong. You can fix the name and verify again to confirm it is right. Once it is verified you can file your 2290.  

What if the IRS rejects my form?

If the IRS rejects the form, you can edit the business profile to change the name or EIN. Then you can re-submit the form. If you filed and then left to do something else, though, you may not get back to edit the form for a few hours or days. Verifying the TIN can help avoid that wasted time and money.


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