Top 10 Benefits of e-File Form 2290

Top 10 Benefits of e-File Form 2290

We all know that our lives can be hectic at times with the day- to- day happenings. There is always something that needs to be started and something else that needs to be finished. Why make it harder on ourselves when we have tools that can help us accomplish the things we need to get done?

Here are the e-File benefits.

A Form 2290 has to be filed every year for truck drivers, farmers, or anyone with a registered heavy highway motor vehicle.Let’s face it. It is a hassle to find the time to drive to your local IRS office.

Don’t have the time? Even more of a hassle to physically mail the Form 2290 application. What if it gets lost along the way? Shouldn’t there be an easier, secure, and more time efficient way to file a 2290, so you can get back on the road? Well, there is a way! By filing your form 2290 electronically, you can save time, stress, and the hassle of having to paper file.

No need to worry about your paper form being lost in the mail.

When e-File, you don’t have to fill out the Form 2290 by paper, and hoping it doesn’t get lost on its way to the IRS. It is done over the internet through a bank-grade secure process.

It is an easy and time efficient process.

Filing a 2290 electronically is an easy step by step process and only takes about 5-10 minutes of your time.

It is safe and secure.

E-filing is a safer and more secure process than writing personal information on paper and sending it in the mail. Bank Grade security, 256 bit encryption for your data and all other aspects of our system help ensure that your information stays safe when e-filing your 2290 and 8849 forms.

E-filing is possible from anywhere with an Internet connection.

As long as you have internet connection, whether you are at the office, home, or even a fast food restaurant, you can e-file your 2290.

You have access to Support Specialists who can help you e-file (very beneficial to those first time filers).

If you choose paper filing, who could you call, email, or chat with to get the help you need?  With e-filing, if you have questions on how to fill out the 2290, what year you should file for, or what the payment options are, you have access to a support team that can help walk you through the e-filing process and answer all of your questions. This is very beneficial if you are a first time filer of the Form 2290 and are not sure how to get started.

You will receive the Schedule 1 the same day.

That’s right! When you choose to e-file, there is no waiting for the mailman to bring your Schedule 1. You will receive an email with the Schedule 1 attached the very same day. This is probably one of the greatest benefits of e-filing your form 2290. E-filing makes it possible to get your form filed, receive the Schedule 1, and register your vehicle all in one day. This is awesome news for all of us procrastinators out there!

You have access to your online account where your e-filed 2290’s and 8849’s are stored.

Your forms are stored anywhere for 4+ years in your online account. You will have access to view and print previous 2290’s, 8849’s and Schedule 1’s. E-filing will give you the ability to better keep track and stay caught up on your 2290 filing.

You can use the Bulk Upload feature when filing multiple trucks.

If you are filing more than a handful of trucks and find the thought of writing each VIN down one-by-one a nightmare then you need to e-file. You will have the ability to upload all of the VINs for an EIN all at once.

If your 2290 is rejected you will have help resubmitting.

If your 2290 is rejected by the IRS when you e-file, you will have a support team that can help you understand the rejection reason and show you how to fix and resubmit your rejected return.

We can do the filing for you.

If you don’t have the time, patience, are unsure of how to file Form 2290, or you just have a lot of VINs that need to be filed, don’t worry, we can do the filing for you. All you have to do is download our Excel template and put the information into the spreadsheet, send it back to us, and we will file your 2290(s) for you. For $99.99 per EIN, you can sit back, relax and let us do the work. We like to keep you informed of when it is time to file your next 2290, and to do this we send out reminders to let you know when you should file for each new tax period. We all could use a little help from time to time and e-filing gives us just that – a simple and easy way to file, so your time can be spent doing more of the things you love.


IRS Now Accepting the Form 2290 for 2024-25

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