Here’s Why Trucking Businesses In 2021 Are Choosing EZ2290 For 2290 eFiles

Here’s Why Trucking Businesses In 2021 Are Choosing EZ2290 For 2290 eFiles

EZ2290 is an authorized HVUT compliance enabler, helping 10,000+ trucking businesses in the U.S.

Ez2290 For HVUT Form 2290 Online Filing
Ez2290 For HVUT Form 2290 Online Filing

Maintaining tax compliance for your trucking business is not easy. With new and smarter tax solutions making appearances in the market every week, businesses are left confused about their options. 

It’s always a tie between the solutions that work best for their unique tax compliance activities and the ones that provide a seamless experience. But the overall expected experience is a balance of these two elements. And it’s quite natural for trucking businesses to aim for these experiences. 

Trucking Businesses & Federal Highways: An Overview

Trucking businesses with large fleets operate on and through the federal highways. If they’re not complying with the regulations of the FHWA and the IRS, they will be off the road overnight. 

The dynamic nature of trucking businesses forces the businesses to purchase new vehicles and let go of the old ones. This coupled with the reporting requirements laid out by the IRS does not make it easy for trucking businesses to “just comply”. However, compliance is not something that should be compromised. 

And why would you want to take that road anyway? Establishing tax and regulatory compliance puts your business in the good books of the IRS and other federal agencies, giving your business a much-needed reputational boost, and helping you find the right investors. 

But the root of finding the perfect solution goes way under.

Trucking Businesses, IRS, And Tax Compliance

‘Pay your taxes or perish’ seems to be the new mantra of the IRS and it’s for a good, or rather, a fair reason. 

HVUT generates significant funding for transportation. These funds are used to develop, construct, and maintain the federal highways to reduce accidents, crashes, and other vehicle incidents. 

You can read the full details, benefits, and purposes of HVUT tax funds here

Every trucking business must be responsible and acknowledge their operational utility regarding the federal highways and hold themselves accountable for their share of utility. This is not us preaching, this is what the IRS wants you to know. 

And by paying taxes on time and reporting accurately, businesses can establish a healthy ground within the compliance sphere, while contributing their fair share.

Finding The Right HVUT Compliance Solution For Your Business

It is expected of a tax compliance platform to provide solutions that address the inevitable tax problems of the trucking businesses. But a solid solution is just not enough anymore because trucking businesses are looking for smart experiences that are fundamentally driven by compliance. 

EZ2290 is an IRS-authorized e-file provider trusted by 10,000+ trucking businesses. All our e-file solutions are designed to accelerate your reporting accuracy, tax calculations, tax and business validation regimes, amendments, tax refund processing, and other compliance elements. 

The following e-file solutions are specially designed to provide your trucking business a smart and compliant e-filing experience.

Penalty Prevention

Be it TIN discrepancies, incorrect VINs, inaccurate reports, delayed or no filings, the IRS assesses hefty penalties on trucking businesses that fail to comply with the regularized tax regimes.

A penalty prevention program from EZ2290 is a set of protocols, which are designed to help businesses to overcome noncompliance.

With timely email reminders, smart e-files, real-time TIN match and address validation protocols, automatic tax calculations, bulk filing options, virtual documentation, and time-saving processes, businesses can easily leverage our e-filing solutions and prevent being penalized by the IRS. 

Bank-Grade Security 

Tax reports involve sensitive business information and data. It’s meant for the eyes of the business and the IRS only. And we want to keep it that way. 

EZ2290 is powered by the 256-bit end-to-end advanced encryption standard. We also regularly ‘scan’ the virtual funnels to weed out any data interceptors and data threats. This way your data is secure and safe with us at all times.   

This means your 2290 returns are securely transmitted to the IRS without any interruptions.

Automatic Tax Calculations 

EZ2290’s Smart Tax Calculator is an in-built calculation system, which allows businesses to calculate the tax they owe. 

You can access the EZ2290 smart tax calculator here and view the 2290 tax you owe for the current period.

Further, when you are entering the tax information on your 2290 returns, our platform starts calculating the HVUT tax automatically, helping you view the total tax you owe as you add in your vehicle information. This also allows you to check the tax break up and pay the amount appropriately.

Free VIN Corrections 

Vehicle identification numbers are a combination of letters and numbers designated to a vehicle to qualify its uniqueness. If you have reported incorrect VINs in your previous files, the IRS may reject your reports citing inaccurate vehicle information. 

EZ2290 helps you with reporting the correct VINs by providing free VIN Corrections. If you have filed with EZ2290 previously, you can select your previous filings and follow the VIN Correction steps. 
If you’re a new user, you can eFile 2290 VIN Correction by creating a new form and submit it to the IRS.

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Paperless Storage 

EZ2290 is a smart platform designed to meet the varying needs of trucking businesses. When you have a number of trucks to report, the manual process of entering the data and verifying it can be tedious. 

Our paperless storage allows you to upload your vehicle data in just one click. Your data will be saved securely and can be accessed when you want EZ2290 to automatically populate your 2290 returns. This way you save time and effort.

Further, a digital copy of all your documentation and communications with the IRS will be stored on our servers. You can retrieve the files should you need the documents or proof of communication for any purpose in the future.

Free Re-Files For Rejected Returns

The IRS may reject your 2290 returns if you did not furnish the correct information or if you did not provide sufficient information. These two seem to be the most common causes of file rejections. But the reason for the IRS rejecting a particular return differs for each case. 

Fortunately, the IRS cites the reason for rejection and provides a measure to address the issues cited. Now, all you have to do is address the issues cited by taking the specified measures and re-file the corrected returns. 

For example, if the IRS rejects your returns citing incorrect tax information, it means that you may have reported an incorrect TIN/Name combination. 

If your 2290 returns have been rejected for any reason, you can start fixing the issues by following the guidelines specified by the IRS or contact our customer success team.

Our tax support and compliance specialists will assist you to address the rejected returns and help you re-file the now-corrected files successfully. You can re-file your rejected returns at no additional cost.

Live Tax Support 

You don’t have to worry about fending for yourself when you’re hit with a notice from the IRS. We combine our vast experience in the tax compliance industry with smart technology to deliver successful and compliant experiences for your trucking business. 

Our customer success team is equipped with smart tax technicians who will take care of your tax issues and compliance management regimes effectively. 

Right from helping you sort out your HVUT taxes and providing verified guides, resources, and necessary information, to actually filing your tax forms on your behalf; we’re with you through it all. 

Contact EZ2290 Customer Success Team

EZ2290 For Your Trucking Business 

As an authorized e-file provider of the IRS, we’re equipped with smart tax solutions, the right tax experts, a reliable support team, resources, and other associated solutions, which allow you to breeze through the tax season every year. 

To address the initial perspective of finding the perfect balance between solutions that work best for your unique tax compliance activities and the ones that provide a seamless experience, EZ2290 is everything you need in this smart era of tax and business compliance. 

And if you disagree, we totally understand. 

But we would also nudge you to give it a fair try.

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