How EZ2290 Helps You Achieve Complete HVUT Compliance

How EZ2290 Helps You Achieve Complete HVUT Compliance

Learn how the HVUT compliance enabler, EZ2290 helps trucking businesses like you and how to get the HVUT to support your business’s essential needs.

EZ2290 Helps You Achieve Complete HVUT Compliance
EZ2290 Helps You Achieve Complete HVUT Compliance

Every year, thousands of trucking businesses and self-employed truckers file HVUT Form 2290 to comply with the regulatory and tax compliance guidelines of the IRS to stay on the road. 

With many business owners being new or unaware of the various approaches to stay compliant, we have put together helpful information, resources, and help center links to enable businesses and self-employed truckers to access relevant HVUT information.

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Online Help For HVUT Form 2290

Heavy Vehicle Usage Tax (HVUT) is a relatively simple concept wherein a vehicle is taxed if it weighs 55,000 pounds or more and utilizes the federal highways for commercial and non-commercial purposes. 

HVUT is one of the most significant contributors to generating Federal Highway Trust Fund (HTF) revenue for the U.S. This is why the IRS is encouraging truck and fleet owners to choose voluntary compliance. 

While HVUT is a simple filing process, it comes with several complexities, which require extra effort and attention to retain reporting accuracy and compliance. 

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Online Help For Rejected 2290 Returns

When you eFile 2290 Form with EZ2290, your returns undergo multiple reviews to avoid non-compliance citations or inaccurate information. However, your returns can be rejected if the IRS notices errors in your reports.

2290 returns can be rejected for many issues, such as incorrect VINs, incorrect EIN/TIN, historic information, inaccurate reports, or compliance negligence. 

When the IRS rejects your 2290 returns citing a particular issue or inconsistencies, you must address the issue at the earliest in order to avoid penalty assessments. 

Get help from our 2290 support team here to fix your rejected returns and re-file the rejected returns at no additional cost. 

Online Help For VIN Corrections

Vehicle Identification Numbers are designated identifiers, which qualify the uniqueness of your vehicle. A vehicle identification number is a unique combination of alphabets and numbers. 

Before you purchase a vehicle, it is important that you validate the Vehicle Identification Number to track the vehicle history. Spending a good amount of time to vet the VIN will help you understand if your seller is pricing the vehicle reasonably. 

If you have reported an incorrect VIN in your HVUT 2290 returns, then you can correct the information by e-filing a Form 2290 VIN Correction. 

The process is easier than you may think and you can complete it in less than 3 minutes. 

Get help from our customer support team here to find resolutions to your VIN Correction queries. 

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Online Help To eFile 2290 Amendments 

Essentially, you are required to file a 2290 Amendment when you have to report an increase in the taxable gross weight of your vehicle and/or if your vehicle exceeds the mileage use limit. 

The change in the vehicle’s weight changes its tax category. If the weight increases, the taxpayer has to report and pay the additional tax for the additional weight. 

Similar to the weight, if the vehicle is utilizing the federal highways and exceeding its mileage usage limit, then the additional mileage utility will be taxed. 

A 2290 Amendment is a separate form that must be filed by the end of a succeeding month from change to avoid citations from the IRS. 

If the vehicle’s weight decreases and falls below the lowest tax category, the vehicle ceases to be qualified for HVUT taxes. In such a case, you must request suspension from HVUT taxes.  

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Complete Tax & Compliance Support With EZ2290 

EZ2290 helps trucking businesses of all sizes to achieve HVUT compliance through its digital tax solutions. 

Right from simplified e-file solutions to remote accessibility control, automatic tax calculations, free VIN corrections, free re-files for rejected returns, compliance management, penalty prevention programs, and more, businesses can e-file and establish compliance through our dynamic platform. Explore More Features

You can reach out to our support team at any time, for any queries, here

EZ2290 HVUT Full Service For Large Trucking Businesses 

Businesses that work with large fleets and have little time to schedule their 2290 reports should leverage our cost-effective API services.

You can outsource your 2290 e-files and compliance tasks to our teams and we will coordinate with you to prepare, validate, and e-file your returns on your behalf. Get Full Service For 2290 eFiles.

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