10 Reasons Why You Should Be eFiling Form 2290 And Ditch Paper Filing

10 Reasons Why You Should Be eFiling Form 2290 And Ditch Paper Filing

Here are 10 great reasons to ditch paper filing for good and switch to eFiling for your HVUT Form 2290.

Paper filing has been traditionally in use for filing Form 2290 with the IRS. 

Be it 1099 or 2290, taxpayers have been filing their business tax forms through paper mail.

But times have changed. 

And technology has evolved. 

And so did people’s priorities. 

We live in an instant world where everything we need can be done “virtually” in less than a few minutes. 

This applies to business tax filings too. 

Filing your tax forms by paper is just you sacrificing a great deal of your time over…well, nothing. 

Paper filing is just eating away at your valuable time – the time you can use to do something more productive.

For example, creating a new business plan or brainstorming new strategies. Or just trying out a new cuisine in a newly-opened restaurant. 

What electronic filing offers is a great deal of convenience and helps save time.

When you eFile your 2290 forms, you can complete the entire reporting and filing process in just a handful of minutes. 

You can amplify this process further when you use a digital tax compliance and regulatory reporting system like EZ2290

And if you haven’t used one yet (well, what are you waiting for? Get on board!), let us be your first.

Today, let us take you through the perks of eFiling your 2290 forms online and how it impacts your reporting, filing, and re-submission experiences. 

So, let’s get started.PS: Here’s the IRS draft Form 2290 (Revised for July 2022)

10 Reasons Why You Should Be eFiling Form 2290 Online With EZ2290 

Filing Form 2290 online with EZ2290 is quick and easy.

eFile 2290 forms instantly 

With EZ2290, you can easily eFile your Form 2290 online instantly. 

What’s even better is that you can get the IRS-stamped schedule 1 right away. No more waiting. And no more worrying about your returns reaching the IRS. The moment you hit ‘eFile’ and make the payment, your 2290 forms will be securely transmitted to the IRS inbox.

File for all your vehicles at once with bulk filing 

While you can report multiple vehicles on just one 2290 form, EZ2290 enables large fleet owners to report and file multiples of 2290 forms in a jiffy. This is especially useful for paid preparers who file 2290 forms for multiple clients at once. 

Secure payment options 

EZ2290 enables you to pay your HVUT tax securely through its readily available online payment methods instantly. 

Just pay online and submit your 2290 forms to the IRS.

EZ2290 supports the following online payment methods: 

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • EFW (Electronic Funds Withdrawal)
  • EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System®)

Review your truck information easily 

You can validate your EIN/TIN and legal name combinations easily with EZ2290’s real-time TIN Check tool. 

What’s more? You can reach out to the EZ2290’s tax support team and get your 2290s reviewed for accuracy before you file them.

Correct your VINs for free 

Reported an incorrect VIN? No worries. With EZ2290’s VIN Correction, you can easily file 2290 VIN Correction forms and rectify your incorrect VIN reports FOR FREE.

That’s right. 

EZ2290 doesn’t charge you extra for the VIN Correction filings. 

If you’ve previously eFiled a 2290 form with us, you can file 2290 VIN Corrections at no additional charge.

Resend rejected returns at no additional cost 

Let’s say that you’ve eFiled your 2290 returns with EZ2290, and the IRS has rejected the returns for some reason. 

EZ2290 will not only help you re-file the corrected versions of the rejected return for free, but additionally provides the tax assistance necessary to resolve the issues cited by the IRS. 

Send other 2290-related forms easily

Apart from 2290 fresh filings, EZ2290 supports the following 2290 eFiling experiences. 

Basically, you can manage all things 2290 in one place, easily!

File Now Your Form 2290 With EZ2290

Dynamic tax calculations 

Gone are the days when you’ve had to keep a calculator by your side while preparing your tax forms. 

EZ2290 automatically calculates the tax estimate when you enter the information in your 2290 returns, helping you figure out the total tax quickly. 

This is a super convenient feature for busy filers who are in a rush to get the reports right. 

Calculate 2290 Tax Estimate

Live 2290 tax assistance 

 Get live assistance for your 2290 tax queries easily. Be it an incorrect report or an IRS notice or figuring out your vehicle weight, EZ2290’s support team is here to help.

Contact the EZ2290 support team here for real-time assistance. 

Prevent penalties effortlessly

Penalties can literally ruin the financial health of a small business. 

It’s an unprecedented “loss” for the business, which could have been easily avoided if the preparer paid attention to the reporting requirements and validity of the data. 

You can’t avoid the penalties once they’ve been assessed by the IRS, but you can definitely do your best to prevent them. And it starts with reporting your truck tax information accurately and validating your reports, prior to filing. 

With EZ2290, validate your TIN and legal name combinations per the real-time records of the IRS. 

You can further validate and format your business addresses per the USPS records with EZ2290. 

Get live tax help from the experts at EZ2290 when you’re eFiling with EZ2290, and validate your reports (just to be sure). 

Once you’ve drafted your returns, we will send email reminders, so you never miss a deadline. This is to prevent you from late filing penalty assessments. 

Get Started For Free

Bonus Perks!

Manage all your truck data in one place 

Import and ‘sync’ your truck tax data with EZ2290

Use quick tools like Excel to upload your data to our encrypted platform. This way, all the information you need is in one place. 

You can further make changes to your data in real-time without switching platforms. 

Leverage managed services to outsource your 2290 eFiles

With EZ2290’s Managed Services, you can just outsource your 2290 eFiles to our teams. All you have to do is send the 2290 tax-sensitized data required to complete the forms, and we will take it from there. 

With Managed Services from EZ2290, you can eFile thousands of 2290 forms at once. 

We will continue to communicate with you through email to keep you updated on the eFile status.

Sign Up Now & eFile 2290 Forms Online

What are your thoughts on 2290 eFiling? 

Should all taxpayers collectively ditch paper filings for good, given the safety measures put in place? 

Let us know in the comments. 

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