How To File Form 2290 Online? 5 Quick Steps For Filing Road Tax Form 2290

How To File Form 2290 Online? 5 Quick Steps For Filing Road Tax Form 2290

Instructions for filing road tax Form 2290 easily in just 5 quick steps.

This is an instructional guide designed to help self-employed truckers and small trucking companies. 

So, if you’re a beginner, feel free to print this out and check off each step as you progress through the 2290 filing process.  

Before you skip to the instructions, take a look at the draft Form 2290 for the 2022-2023 tax year. 

Step 1: Create Your FREE EZ2290 Account

To start filling Form 2290 with the relevant information and file the road tax form 2290 electronically, you’ll need to create an account with EZ2290.

EZ2290 is an IRS-authorized eFile platform. 

We enable convenient regulatory reporting and tax compliance experiences for trucking companies like yours. 

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Once you’re logged in, go to your EZ2290 dashboard, and look for the ‘Import’ button. Use this to select and import the data needed to report Form 2290. 

At this point, you can switch to Managed Services from EZ2290 to automate this process. 

Outsource your 2290 filings to our team, and we will take it from there.

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Follow the steps discussed below if you’re choosing to complete and file Form 2290 manually with EZ2290.

Step 2: Enter Information In 2290 Electronic Form 

Legal Name & TIN

Ensure that you’re entering the valid legal name of your company. 

Enter the taxpayer identification number or employer identification number. 

If you’re a preparer, use EZ2290’s real-time TIN Matching system to verify the validity of TINs. 

This also enables you to match the TIN with the corresponding entity name and vice versa, per the IRS records.

Select the Purpose of Filing

Form 2290 can be used for a variety of reporting purposes, limited to the scope of the form, as follows. 

  • Address change: Select this box if the previously reported address is different from the current address. 
  • VIN correction: Select this box if the previously reported vehicle identification number is incorrect. 
  • Amended return: Select this box if the mileage use limit for the suspended vehicle has exceeded or if the taxable gross weight of the vehicle has increased. 
  • Final return: Select this box if you no longer have any taxable vehicles to report.

And if you’re filing Form 2290 in accordance with the regular reporting regime, you don’t have to select anything. 

Suspension Details 

One or more of your vehicles could be suspended from HVUT taxes if the mileage use limit is below 5000 miles (for regular vehicles) and 7500 miles (for agricultural vehicles).

Report the vehicle identification numbers of the suspended vehicles and declare eligibility. 

Note: Suspended vehicles are only exempt from HVUT taxes. Reporting and filing are still mandatory. 

Figure the HVUT Tax

Use the ‘Tax Computation’  table on Form 2290 to calculate the HVUT tax you owe to the IRS. 

  • Select the weight of the vehicle from the vehicle weight range provided in Form 2290. 
  • Enter the number of vehicles. The number of logging vehicles in correspondence with their weights must be separated from non-logging vehicles. 
  • If your vehicles are subject to partial-period tax, then enter the information per the logging status of the vehicle. 
  • Now multiply the number of vehicles with the annual tax amount specified in Column 1 of Form 2290. 
  • If filing for partial tax, multiply the number of vehicles with Column 2 of Form 2290.

Authorize Consent & Information Validity

  • Third-party designee: Select this box if you’re consenting to a third party viewing your reports and discussing the information with the IRS.
  • Authorization: The taxpayer must provide their written consent in this section by providing their signature. This is mandated to certify the validity of the information reported in the form 2290.
  • Paid preparer: Only a paid preparer must use this section. If you’re a paid preparer, use this section to furnish the relevant business information. 

Report Vehicle Information in Schedule-1 of HVUT

  • Enter the vehicle identification number of the vehicles for which you’re reporting, and enter their categories. 
  • You will need to re-furnish the business details, such as the EIN and legal name of the entity, and other information in both copies of Schedule 1 of Form 2290. 

When you file 2290 by paper, Schedule-1 is filled twice because the IRS retains one copy of Schedule-1 and sends the stamped copy as proof of payment.

Step 3: Review The Entered Information 

Once you’ve completed filling out the form with the relevant information, it’s time to review the completed Form 2290.

  • Validate the accuracy of VINs with a free VIN checking tool online. 

Try this free tool to check VINs

  • Reassess the taxable gross weight of the vehicle before filing Form 2290. 
  • Check the categories of the vehicles and separate the suspended vehicles from the regular ones.
  • Check the logging status of vehicles before you report the VINs. Review the vehicle weights in the tax computation section. 

Note: EZ2290 has a built-in smart tax calculator, which automatically calculates the tax as you enter the information on the electronic forms. This enables you to properly focus on tax reporting, and not worry over the math.

Step 4: Submit 2290 Forms To The IRS

Once you’re through reviewing the 2290 forms, it’s time to pay the HVUT tax and submit the returns to the IRS. 

Choose from the available payment options to make the payment. 

Make secure payments instantly without delays. We protect your payments with the 256-bit end-to-end encryption standard. 

Step 5: Download Proof Of Payment Or Schedule-1 

Once your bank approves the payment, EZ2290 automatically transmits your forms to the IRS. 

You will be able to view and download a digital copy of the IRS-stamped Schedule-1 (also known as proof of payment). 

The payment and submission process should not take more than a minute or two. 
However, if you’re experiencing technical difficulties, you can get in touch with our support team here.

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