6 Stress Relief Tips For Truckers On The Job

6 Stress Relief Tips For Truckers On The Job

Stressed? Try out these simple stress-relief tricks to calm yourself and get back on the road!

There is no doubt that truckers are one of the most hardworking communities in the country. 

While the emphasis on “trucking” is usually on the business, let’s shift the focus and pay attention to a key role in the industry – truckers. 

Truckers are always driving. They make sure that the loads reach the destination on time, and always put their 100% into their jobs. 

However, driving all day, every day is not an easy job. 

Although it might seem like a dream (Get paid to just drive around the country? Oh yes!), it fades away within a few weeks. 

After you’re accustomed to the job, all that’s left is traffic, urgent phone calls from the coordinators, and an over-stressed brain that is constantly navigating through a variety of landscapes.

This can be a lot. 

Thankfully, there are some inexpensive ways to make your life less stressful, more relaxing, and fun. 

If you look at the bright side, trucking jobs pay well and provide great job security. You get to drive across the country and enjoy some great scenic beauty.

While a stressed brain can make you overlook the perks of this life, these helpful tips aim to calm you down and appreciate the little things in life.

Keep reading to learn about these tips and try them out the next time you’re on the road.

Jam to some upbeat music 

A stressed brain is usually looking for a window to let out all that bottled-up energy. 

Feel-good, upbeat music is the answer to this. It can instantly lift your mood. 

You can also try listening to a new genre that you haven’t tried before. 

This way, your brain is trying something new and figuring out if it likes the new genre of music or not. 

Within this timeline, you’ll feel instantly better. 

Plus, you’ve discovered a new genre of music that you might  like! 

Listen to podcasts & audiobooks 

Who doesn’t love a good story? 

Our brain needs to focus on something other than driving to keep the stress levels in check. 

So, download some free audiobooks or podcasts on your phone, and plug them into your truck’s music system. 

When the right story captures your attention, driving will feel like a breeze. And before you even know it, you’d have reached your destination. 

There are certain podcasts that are published as audio series. Think of this as a Netflix series, but for listening. You’ll be too focused on the plot before you even know it. 

However, we recommend switching between podcasts and music so that your brain is alert yet relaxed at the same time. 

Pro Tip: Anything excessive can shift your attention away from driving, which is a strict no-no.

Watch your breath

Constant driving and navigating through the traffic can be difficult at times.

 It’s important to be aware of your breathing and focus on taking deep breaths. 

Here’s a simple exercise to keep a check on your breathing. 

Inhale for 4 seconds and exhale for 8. Count the numbers as you breathe. This is a mindful breathing exercise recommended by many meditation schools. 

Repeat the exercise as many times as you want, until you feel calm and relaxed. 

Remember that breathing exercises are not just for driving. 

You should also consider practicing breathing exercises before you sleep so that you have a restful sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed and rested.

Turn up the radio 

Many truckers have suggested that listening to music can get old, especially if you’re listening to mainstream radio stations. 

Most stations play the same 10 songs over and over, which can get repetitive. 

So, try some non-music radio stations online to catch up on some news, interviews, comedy clubs, weather updates, traffic updates, celebrity gossip, and other entertainment to make your drive more interesting. 

A mind, busy being entertained, doesn’t have the time to stress. 

Feet on the ground

While gas station breaks are good for a quick bite and run. You also need a break from driving. 

So, pick a few minutes out of your busy schedule and park your truck somewhere neat so that you’re not blocking traffic and not interrupting anyone in your surroundings. 

Get off your truck and take off your shoes. Just let your feet touch the ground. Remove socks for a better experience. 

Studies show that barrier-free barefoot walks help heal your mind and body. 

The tension in your muscles starts to ease when you walk. 

And as your feet touch the ground, certain muscles in your foot start to relax, which are otherwise contracted. 

This improves blood circulation and boosts energy.

This technique is known to ease stress and improve cognitive functions, both of which are essential for a safe and comfortable driving experience. 

Plan your walks between 5-10 minutes every couple of hours. If you haven’t tried this before, you’ll certainly see a difference in your mood and how your body responds to stress.

Talk to your loved ones 

Studies show that spending time with your loved ones helps one feel better and perform better at work. 

While truckers like you are usually away from families, you can still connect with your loved ones through virtual means. 

Start a voice call to catch up with your family, FaceTime your friends, or just chat with your loved ones. 

Everyone loves a good conversation.

You can plan these calls around your lunch breaks or barefoot walks, so you have some good company. 

But if you prefer to stay off the grid, you can take out a simple notes app and write down whatever thoughts are crowding your mind. You don’t even have to detail the events or the thoughts, but just the thought of getting them out of your head and onto a piece of paper (virtual paper in this case) will make you feel better instantly. 

And when you’re done writing, you can just “delete” these anxiety-inducing thoughts. 

Bonus Tip: Eat fresh & healthy food 

Watch what you’re eating.

If you’re doing all the things above, but you’re still feeling stressed and tired, processed food is probably contributing to your stress and other physical problems. 

Don’t ignore your body’s signals. 

Nothing beats healthy food and good sleep. 

True. It can be hard to find “healthy” food while you’re driving and traveling across states, But try to choose the healthiest choices on the menu. 

Remember that an all-encompassing meal is healthy. Plan your meals in such a way that you’re getting all the nutrition you need on a daily basis. 

And of course, indulge in comfort food as you see fit. 

Reduce your body’s dependence on caffeine. 

Instead, pack a bunch of green tea bags so that you can dip them in warm water and drink it on your breaks or between trips. Green tea is known to be an enemy of stress

The goal is to feel good and relaxed no matter the method you select.

Mix and match the tips above and see how they work.

If you want more interesting tips, you can write to us at support@ez2290.com and specify what would be of interest to you.

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