5 Useful Tools From EZ2290 That Every Trucker Must Use

5 Useful Tools From EZ2290 That Every Trucker Must Use

Here are 5 tools from EZ2290 that every trucker must use to simplify their 2290 tax prep and 2290 eFiles.

Being a trucker is not easy. 

There is so much to a trucking business than what meets the eye.

And you’ll likely find a small truck business owner to be moderately busy almost every day. 

There are places to go, shipments to transport, and people to connect with. Right from managing highway permissions, and vehicle registrations, to HVUT tax compliance, there’s a lot that trucking businesses have to deal with. 

It would be unfair for one of the most hardworking communities in the U.S. to work endless hours, and then worry a little more when it comes to preparing and filing their HVUT tax forms. 

So, we’ve put together the five most useful tools that can help make your (a trucker) life a little easier. 

These tools are specifically directed towards preparing your 2290 forms, filing your HVUT forms online, and accessing the necessary help online. 

So, let’s get to it.

Virtual 2290 Tax Calculator 

This goes without saying. 

Calculating your HVUT can be slightly confusing, especially if you’ve just bought a used vehicle from a previous truck owner. Or if there are taxes due on your vehicle beyond the current filing period. 

EZ2290 helps you with HVUT calculations in two ways. 

  1. You can use this smart HVUT calculator to calculate the HVUT for a filing period. Just enter the logging status of the vehicle, month of first use, and taxable gross weight of the vehicle. You’ll get the estimate. 

However, if you’re looking for a comprehensive computation, you can try entering the vehicle details in full on Form 2290 with EZ2290. 

But to access this dynamic calculator, you have to create an account. 

Register Here For Free

EZ2290’s dynamic 2290 truck tax calculator runs in the background. So, just focus on entering the data correctly. Once you’re through reporting on the 2290 Form, you will be able to see the total tax due. 

This is a convenient approach to calculate your HVUT tax without having to do the math.

Secure 2290 eFiling Platform 

While there are many ways to pay your HVUT and file your 2290 forms, nothing beats the convenience and the instantaneous experience that EZ2290 delivers. 

With EZ2290, you can pay your HVUT through a variety of payment methods and file your 2290 returns electronically. The best part is that you can submit your 2290 returns and get the IRS-stamped Schedule 1 instantly

Since EZ2290 is an IRS-authorized agent, you don’t have to worry about the authenticity. 

And what’s even better is that EZ2290’s e-transmission system is encrypted end-to-end. So, your data is truly yours.

VIN Correction Tools 

Many trucking businesses are usually in a hurry to report and file their 2290 returns. As a result, they tend to report their vehicle identification numbers incorrectly. Manual data entry processes further add to this issue. 

It’s not the lack of data that causes the issue. It’s just a simple and reasonable human error. However, this can cost trucking businesses greatly if not addressed.

2290 VIN Corrections must be filed separately to notify the IRS that the previously reported VINs were incorrect, and the freshly filed VIN Correction form must be considered for assessments.  

Now, the issue is so common that the IRS has added a designated VIN Correction box just for this purpose. 

What’s more? Each time you file this form, you’re charged a little fee by your providers. However, when you eFile with EZ2290, you can eFile your 2290 VIN Correction forms for free

If you’ve previously eFiled 2290 forms with EZ2290, your VIN Corrections can be filed at no additional cost.

And since you’ve eFiled Form 2290 with EZ2290, you will have all the information readily available on cloud storage (a space that you’re allotted when you sign up with EZ2290). This data not only helps you with VIN Corrections, but also with 2290 Amendments and other form corrections.

Bulk eFiles For 2290 Forms

Speaking of data. With EZ2290, you can import your bulk vehicle data within seconds to the end-to-end encrypted platform. This data will be stored on the cloud, and you can alter this data anytime you want. 

How is this useful? 

When you want to eFile several 2290 forms at once, bulk eFiling comes in handy. The data available on the cloud will be automatically populated across the forms, saving you time on manual data entry. 

At this point, you can switch to Managed Services from EZ2290. When you opt for this service, the entirety of the 2290 filing process will be handled and managed by the compliance teams at EZ2290. All you have to do is authorize the team to access the data. Don’t worry, EZ2290 has a very strict privacy policy.

It’s a huge weight off your shoulders. 
Learn more about Managed Services here.

  1. Online Assistance For 2290 Rejected Returns 

Businesses need help at unpredictable times. Maybe you were taking a peaceful nap until you realized that maybe (just maybe) you have entered the wrong legal name on your 2290 form. Or you simply forgot to enter the VIN for a newly bought vehicle. 

Look, mistakes happen all the time. What matters is how fast you act when you see it for what it is. 

With EZ2290, you can get online assistance for your 2290 filings within seconds.

Get in touch with EZ2290 support here and explain your issue. 

Depending on your issue, a customer success representative from the EZ2290 team will reach out to you and help find a resolution.

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